College Infrastructure

Delhi Institute of Management and Technology B.Ed College Infrastructure

Having good college infrastructure is essential for providing students with a quality educational experience. At Delhi Institute of Management and Technology B.Ed College, we have a well-maintained and up-to-date infrastructure that enhance the teaching and learning environment, providing students with the tools and resources they need to succeed academically. Delhi Institute of Management and Technology B.Ed College infrastructure also attract top talent among faculty and staff, who appreciate working in a well-equipped and comfortable environment.


Delhi Institute of Management and Technology B.Ed College infrastructure also promotes a sense of community and engagement among students and faculty. Common areas, such as lounges, student centers, and outdoor spaces, provide students with opportunities to interact with one another and engage in extracurricular activities. This can foster a sense of belonging and encourage social and academic growth.


Academic Infrastructure

A well organized infrastructure helps the students to concentrate on studies more and also provides them everything and every facility they require to keep their mind focused on their aim and success. The institute’s campus is well-resourced with technical infrastructure and facilities. With green environment and technically advanced campuses, the institution is the ideal destinations for perfection oriented learning. Multipurpose hall with multimedia capabilities along with well furnished and spacious classrooms are the basic infrastructure of the college. Apart from this, the college also maintains a rich library and well furnished laboratories. These laboratories are open for the students to experiment with novel ideas which could enhance their capabilities to disseminate knowledge. Sports facilities are provided to the students within the campus itself.


The Delhi Institute of Management and Technology College has well equipped library with more than 10000 books and periodicals. The library also has many encyclopedias in the form of CD’s which students can use to enhance their understanding of concepts or utilize during their school experience. Library is organized into various sections viz. Curricular section, Periodical section, Reference section, Multimedia section, Newspaper & magazine section, which are managed by professionally qualified librarian. The library is open for every student from 9:30am to 4:00 pm to enrich their knowledge.


The institution has a well furnished and fully functional ICT lab. The college has many computers which are spread across in the college like in the psychology lab, library and various offices. All computers are multimedia enabled and are connected over LAN and the internet facility is thus provided. The lab has projectors that are used in the teaching-learning process as students are encouraged to learn how to make and teach using presentations. Other than this in ICT lab we have televisions, music system, an audio mixer and many educational CD’s which students may be benefitted from.

Science Lab

Science Lab is well designed, equipped and built to allow practical hands on experimental approach for future teachers meant for conducting Physics, Chemistry and Biology activities & experiments for class VI to XII students. Science laboratory is designed for optimal safety and imparts the best learning experience ever. It’s equipped with the tools and apparatus which help the learning process to be easier and quicker, making sure the prospective teachers are scientifically up-to-date. Some of the experiments that students, teachers can perform in the science lab include those dealing with the concept of electricity & optics in Physics, chemical analysis of salts and titration in Chemistry, making temporary slides, studying adaptation patterns in Biology etc.

Psychology Lab

The College has a well equipped psychology lab with all the latest psychological tests and the latest equipments to study total human behaviour and to provide guidance and counseling services. The students are required to perform all the tests in the laboratory which helps them in acquainting to the proper utilization of the test material and this educates them to abide by the ethics of the laboratory. In the Psychology lab there are different types of Aptitude tests, Interest tests, Intelligence tests Verbal and Nonverbal, Personality tests, Achievement tests, Creativity tests, , Adjustment Emotional and Intelligence inventories.

Work Experience Lab

The art & craft resource centre is aesthetically decorated which has all the material and apparatus to cultivate aesthetic value in our students. This lab provides an opportunity for students to gain hands on experience in areas like art and craft, designing and printing, waste material utilization, painting, pot decoration, flower arrangement etc.

Medical Facility

Institute has contract with two MBBS Doctors to take care of the health of the Faculty members, non-teaching staff and students. They are available in the Institute for two days i.e. Monday and Thursday for free consultation. The institute has a dispensary in campus to meet the first aid & routine medical requirements of the students free of cost. In the dispensary the consultation is also provided to the members of faculty.